Premium Quality Exterior Masonry Paint

Weather Shield Smooth • Durable smooth satin finish

• High Opacity

• For exterior use only
Product Specifications:
Colour RangeBrilliant White / Magnolia (additional colours available upon request).
Drying Time2-3 hours, recoatable after 4 hours.
CoverageUpto 55m² per 5 litres (dependant on substrate).
Pack Size1000L   10L   5L

Apply By Brush  Apply By Roller  Apply By Spray

Stir Well. All surfaces must be dry and free from grease and loose particles. Soft distemper must be washed off with water.On porous surfaces ATHOL Weather Shield Smooth Emulsion may be thinned with ½ litre of water to 5 litres of paint and used as a sealer coat.

Health & Safety
Keep out of reach of children. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water. Remove splashes from skin with soap and water or a recognised hand cleaner. Ensure adequate vetilation during application and drying periods. LEAD FREE